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NWSEO Reaches a Record-High 1,662 Members

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

(September 29, 2023) - NWSEO has successfully achieved an accomplishment of growth and empowerment in the first half of 2023. We are thrilled to announce that 124 new and renewed members have joined our ranks during this period, propelling our union to new heights. The dedication and hard work of union members from all agencies, including NWS, NOAA Attorney’s Guild, AOML, AOC, and NESDIS, have helped us achieve a remarkable milestone—a record high membership of 1,662!

For over five decades, NWSEO has stood as a steadfast advocate for its members. Our legacy of achievements is a testament to the unwavering solidarity among our members and their commitment to expanding our collective strength. Our ultimate mission remains unchanged: to safeguard employee rights, enhance working conditions, and elevate the quality of the services we provide.

NWSEO President John Werner shares his pride in representing members who are unequivocally devoted to the mission and future of our organization, “Their dedication inspires us all to strive for excellence. We can only hope that the remainder of this year can maintain the fire we have seen so far in 2023.”

Empowering Operations to Best Serve Our Members

In our relentless pursuit of unparalleled service for our members, we have redoubled our efforts to ensure that our union's services are the best amongst our peer employee organizations. This year, we've expanded our team with additional staff members who bring their expertise to various organizational areas. Our focus is on optimizing operations to serve you better.

We encourage you to connect with them and seek their help with any issues you have.

Making Sure Your Voice Is Heard

NWSEO’s increase in revenue due to growing union members has allowed NWSEO to hire full-time lobbyist Tom Fahy to champion our members' rights on Capitol Hill. While our union leadership tirelessly advocates for your interests within our agencies, our lobbyist will wage battles on the legislative front. General Counsel, Richard Hirn will share his expertise and guidance to bring Tom to the forefront of NWSEO business. Many of the challenges we face, such as budget cuts, federal mandates on return-to-office, and changes to leave policies, originate "outside the walls." Having representation on this front is crucial.

More on Tom Fahy and his accomplishments are coming soon.

Additional Incentives of Growing the Union

At NWSEO, we believe in recognizing and rewarding the efforts of our members in helping our union grow stronger. We have shaped multiple initiatives that encourage members to join us, new and old:

NWSEO Convention Travel Incentive: Any NWSEO member who recruits two or more new members to join NWSEO between August 1, 2023, and July 31, 2024, using the Membership Form 1187 for payroll deduction, will receive reasonable airfare, accommodations, and group meals for the 2024 NWSEO Convention in Alexandria, Virginia.

New Hire Enrollment Incentive: We offer a $300 gift card to any newly hired employee (NWS, NESDIS, AOC, AOML, NAG new hires) who joins NWSEO within one year of their start date or during a New Employee course or its equivalent.

New Member Benefit for Seasoned Employees: For non-member employees with over a year of tenure, NWSEO provides a $150 dues rebate, regardless of their time employed by one of our agencies. This rebate is available once per employee and is accompanied by a gift card in the welcome packet.

Member Rewards for Both New & Long-Time Members: NWSEO members who recruit non-members to join NWSEO by Form 1187 will receive a $50 Gift Card and a heartfelt thank you from NWSEO leadership. New members will also enjoy a $300 or $150 rebate, depending on their hire date. Remember, there are no limitations on recruiting within our agencies— we encourage you to connect with any of our agencies.

Thank you for joining us in this journey of growth at NWSEO. Together, we represent the dedicated professionals of NWS, NOAA Attorney’s Guild, AOML, AOC, and NESDIS. Encourage others to become a part of our thriving community by filling out the NWSEO Membership Form 1187 and help shape a brighter future for all employees. Your voice matters, and together, we can achieve remarkable heights. As our NWSEO President John Werner states “Membership is the lifeblood of the union.” Because of your dedication, we are heard. We are NWSEO Strong.


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