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Wellness & Support

NWSEO doesn't just fight work better working conditions — We care about your life outside of work, too.

Learn more about how NWSEO can support you:

NWSEO Cares Program

Founded in 2021, the NWSEO Cares program provides help to our fellow employees in any NOAA office (NWS, AOC, AOML, NESDIS, OGC) who are adversely impacted by a local disaster. Necssary items such as supplies, food, water, and transportation are all eligible for the program's funds.


Funding is provided through voluntary donations from NWSEO members as a crisis emergency fund. Anyone interested in donating may do so through the following channels:

  • Venmo: @NWSEOCARES

  • Paypal: send payment to

  • Apple Pay: (202) 770-7983

  • Mail a check payable to "NWSEO Cares"  to NWSEO, 601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Suite 900, South Building Washington, DC  20004.

To request assistence, fill out the NWSEO Cares Request for Funds Form. All requests must be submitted to Emily Roy at and approved by the Executive Council.

Holding Hands

NWS Health & Wellness Service Fees Reimbursement Program

In 2009, NWSEO/NWS negotiated the National Weather Service Health Club and Wellness Services Fees Reimbursement Program. Open to all NWS employees, this program allows individuals to receive up to $308.10 per year as a health club membership dues rebate. The rebate also covers certain weight loss and smoking cessation programs.


In order to be eligible for the programs, it is important that the correct forms are submitted to your supervisor before the due dates:

  • Form A, the Open Enrollment Form for calendar year 2023, shows intent to participate in this program for CY2023. It includes a release and hold harmless agreement releasingNWS, NOAA, and the Department of Commerce from any liability associated with utilizing the Health and Wellness Services Fees Reimbursement Program. To be reimbursed in 2024 for fees, this form must be completed.

  • Form B, the Reimbursement for CY2022 Expenses, which self-certifies that the employee has engaged in fitness activities or wellness services in which they are seeking reimbursement fees.

This year, In order to receive reimbursement for CY2022 expenses, and sign up for reimbursement for CY2023,  employees must complete and submit both the above forms, as well as provide proof of payment for their membership/services to their supervisors, no later than March 31, 2023. New NWS employees or existing employees unable to apply before this deadline due to prolonged absences may apply within 14 days of returning to or entering service.

Fitness Class
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