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NWSEO works for YOU.

Why join NWSEO? We represent more NOAA employees than any other union and care about the wellbeing of our members. Scroll to learn more about just a few ways NWSEO fights for and represents you.



Find out more about how joining NWSEO can benefit you.

Why join?

Hear why these members are NWSEO strong:


Cecilia Miner

Over time, there were enough actions by leadership that went against the workforce that I moved to the NWSEO side and joined. It is NWSEO's efforts to protect employees that keeps me supporting the union for over ten years and, in retirement.

Joshua Maloy.png

Joshua Maloy

I believe that labor must have a seat at the bargaining table for matters concerning the workplace/workforce. It is a check/ balance on management.  Paying dues made sense to me and allowed me to engage in bargaining unit representational duties.

Carolyn (Gurney) Willis

I am thankful that throughout my career, the NWSEO valued my judgment enough to ask me to serve in positions that affected the work lives of employees then and into the future. I was a NWSEO member for nearly 30 years when I was an NWS employee, and have remained a retiree/associate member since then.

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