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When we fight,
we win.

Learn more about NWSEO's
top accomplishments. 


We continue to hold the NWS accountable for understaffing.

NWSEO is keeping Congress informed of grossly understaffed WFOs. NWSEO has also initiated news stories in large national media markets highlighting the need to fill vacancies. (2013-2016) The Government Accountability Office is now conducting a study on NWS vacancies at the request of three members of Congress.


We stopped a plan to consolidate CWSUs.

We convinced the Senate Commerce Committee to oppose consolidation or contracting-out of CWSUs.


We negotiated agreements that raised target grades of Met Interns from GS-9 to GS-11. 

Our agreements have entitled Met Interns the first opportunity to apply for forecaster vacancies before outside candidates.


Between 2013-2015, we secured more than $6.85 million in awards for NWSEO represented employees.

At the time, awards at other government agencies were
canceled for two years.


We negotiated a promotion for field office ASA’s from GS7 to GS 8. 

NWSEO leadership strives to protect and assist our members with equitable pay.


In 2006, we defeated the Agency’s plans to reduce staffing and consolidate the 122 Weather Forecast Offices (CONOPS).

As recently as June 2015, NWSEO worked with members of Congress and national media to oppose Bill S. 1573 - a plan to consolidate the 122 WFOs to 6 Regional Offices, resulting in revised legislation focusing on severe weather alerts.


We negotiated Alternative Work Schedules in place at one-third of all Weather Forecast Offices.

NWSEO understands the need for and benefits of flexibility and work/life balance.


We won an arbitration case requiring the agency to maintain at least two employees on duty on every forecast shift.

Workplace safety has been and will continue to be important to us.


We negotiated adequate rest periods for IMETS returning from fires and negotiated an agreement for NWS to pay for IMET safety boots.

NOAA work keeps the public safe — and member safety matters, too.


We won premium pay for military / court leave.

NWSEO won a federal court case that prohibits the NWS and all other federal agencies from changing employees’ schedules to deprive them of premium pay while on military or court leave.


We have saved the Information Technology Officer (ITO) position every year since 2012.

NWSEO continues its work to protect this important NWS career.


We defeated the agency’s plan to eliminate nearly 400 HMTs.

Instead, we negotiated for the creation of new promotional opportunities for HMTs (the GS-12 OPL position) and true time and one-half overtime for HMTs. In 2014, NWSEO worked to ensure that the OPL position remained a promotional opportunity specifically for HMTs.


We negotiated a health club membership dues rebate.

NWSEO has consistently fought for the health and wellbeing of our members for nearly 50 years.


We stopped the four-day 2013 furlough of all NOAA employees during sequester.

NWSEO saved employees $17 million in salary.


Negotiated an upgrade of ASOS GS-10 Electronics Technicians to GS-11.

As NOAA employees ourselves, we understand the needs of our members.


We fought for well-deserved temporary promotions for our members.

An arbitration case won by NWSEO now requires the agency to make temporary promotions when forecasters cover vacant positions for 20 days or more.


We negotiated an agreement entitling Met Techs and HMT to training.

This training is provided at the agency's expense to become a Meteorologist.


We won an arbitration case guaranteeing GS-11 Electronics Technicians true time-and-one-half FLSA overtime.

We believe our members deserve to be paid fairly for the hours they work.


We defeated proposed legislation that would have prohibited the NWS from “competing” with the private sector by issuing forecasts directly to the public.

With legislation often serving the interests of others, we know it's important to have a voice that serves our members and the public.


Our work won better holiday leave.

NWSEO negotiated an agreement to extend holiday administrative leave to shift workers.

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