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NWSEO Increases Recruitment Incentives

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

(November 22, 2023) NWSEO is pleased to announce increased incentives for employees who join NWSEO as dues paying members and for those employees who recruit new members.   

Any newly hired bargaining unit employee within one of our five bargaining units (NWS, NESDIS, AOC, AOML, NAG) who join NWSEO by Standard Form 1187 within one year of their start date, as well as those in the NWS who sign up during the NWS Foundations Course (the NWS onboarding course), will receive a $500 Visa gift card.  

If you are an existing employee (for over a year) and you sign up by Standard Form 1187 you will receive a $250 Visa gift card.  

Wait - there’s more! Any NWSEO member who recruits another employee to join NWSEO by Standard Form 1187 will also receive a $100 Visa gift card.  There is no limit to how many people you recruit and you can recruit from any office. Please ensure the Standard Form 1187 includes the name of the recruiter in Section A.

Finally, any member who recruits two (2) or more new members to join NWSEO via Standard Form 1187 for payroll deduction by July 31st, 2024 will have their travel to the 2024 Convention in Alexandria, VA reimbursed, including reasonable airfare*, three (3) nights’ lodging, and approved group meals. 

*In order for airfare to be reimbursed, you must be able to provide documentation that it is the lowest available airfare rate. Printed copies of airfares from Expedia or other travel sites will serve as documentation.

“We understand times are tough for our employees and many new employees are trying to make ends meet. This is our way of supporting our employees and giving them an opportunity to become part of our employee organization,” says President JoAnn Becker. 

To join NWSEO, scan/email Standard Form 1187 to NWSEO Communication Director, Sherri McGraw at or fax to NWSEO at (202) 600-2145.

Membership is the lifeblood of our organization as it supports the work of NWSEO providing great strength to our cause.  NWSEO is the only organization with the ability to lobby Congress and the Administration to preserve NWS jobs, promote better working conditions and career promotions for NWS, and participate in collective bargaining.



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