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Register Now for National Convention Workshops!

(October 7, 2022) — Workshop registration is now open for NWSEO’s 2022 Annual National Convention! Each workshop promises to inform, inspire, and engage attendees, as well as provide space for lively discussion among members and NWSEO leadership.

Workshop descriptions are available on the registration page and in this email. Please choose a workshop to attend for Session 1 & Session 2. Session 1 will be held on November 7 from 10:15am-12:15pm, and Session 2 will be held on November 7 from 1:45-3:45pm.

Each session is limited to 25 participants — make sure to sign up as early as possible to ensure a spot in the workshops you’d like to attend most!

Registration ends Tuesday, November 1. We can’t wait to see you in New Orleans in a few weeks!

Available Workshops

Basic Training for Stewards — New! Designed for all stewards, this workshop will provide an overview of the national, regional, and local roles and responsibilities within NWSEO. Discussion will include an overview of NWSEO history and organizational structure, collective bargaining agreements and constitution, exploration of the various roles and responsibilities of branch stewards, and insight into recruitment and communications strategies.

National Weather Service Grievances and Arbitrations Designed for all stewards, this workshop provides an overview of the Grievance and Arbitration process within the National Weather Service (NWS). Attendees will gain a better understanding of when and how to file a grievance, differences between employee and union grievances, conflict mitigation techniques, arbitration, and much more.

NWS Local Office Teams & Negotiations Designed for all stewards, this workshop takes a deeper dive into Local Office Teams (LOT). Attendees will learn techniques for holding effective LOT meetings, as well as the negotiation process at the local level. Additionally, this workshop will provide an overview of substantively negotiable issues vs. permissive areas, negotiations over appropriate arrangements, tactical empathy, and more.

Understanding the NWS Collective Bargaining Agreement

Designed for stewards and bargaining unit employees, this informative workshop will walk participants through our latest Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Topics will include the definition and purpose of a CBA, key takeaways from the current NWSEO-NWS CBA articles, significant changes from the previous CBA, and more.


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