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NWSEO MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Meet Carol Ma'afala Baqui

(May 22, 2024) This month, we are thrilled to honor and celebrate the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month by shining a spotlight on Carol Ma'afala Baqui, a CWSU Anchorage Meteorologist and a proud Native Samoan.

Why Did You Join the NWSEO?

I joined the NWSEO primarily because of the astounding results produced through the challenging work of the most industrious NWSEO leadership predecessors who believed, cared for, and empathized with their fellow colleagues. Within the first five years of my career, the bargaining unit stewards and vice stewards displayed absolute unbiased support, compassion, and transparency. Their authentic efforts in creating a healthy workplace for the employees were evident, which intrigued me to join the NWSEO.

What assistance from the NWSEO impacted you most?

The unsullied leadership of the NWSEO and their invaluable time, unwavering support, and patience make the experience remarkable. 

What does Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) mean to you?

DEIA represents what every employee hungers after a safe, healthy workplace of belonging. Diversity in DEIA has no limitations to job opportunities and growth within the agency. Equity embodies our values and abilities as employees and should not be overlooked even with limited years of work experience and post-secondary education. Inclusion speaks volumes when employees share similar visions in helping and building others prosper in their calling. Accessibility is a platform that connects everyone to the available job opportunities, temporary promotions, leadership training, and key roles in the organization. With these in mind, DEIA epitomizes a welcoming but strong, skill-nurturing workplace that supports its employees 100%.

What's your experience working within the NWS?

Overall, my experience within the NWS has been truly a miraculous journey! The workload could be stressful but rewarding when lives are saved and properties spared in any type of natural disaster. My former and current colleagues have sharpened me to become a better human and accept challenges beyond my control. Most of all, the NWS has been my family and backbone, a place where I spend 50-60% of my time every week gaining more insight into decision-making, planning, teamwork, and embracing life-changing experiences as a public servant.



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