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NWSEO Member Angie Margrave Seeks Medical Leave Donations

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Help Now through the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program

(October 25, 2022) —Angie Margrave, a longtime NWSEO member and Hydrometeorological Technician at WFO Amarillo, TX, is in need of medical leave donations to assist with recurring side effects from spinal surgery. Angie has exhausted all of her sick and annual leave after tending to her daughter’s seizure disorder, and is now seeking medical leave donations to help her as she navigates her own recovery.

Angie had spinal surgery a month ago, and she notes the surgery turned out to be more intensive than expected. Post-surgery side effects have included numbness throughout her body, resulting in difficulty walking. Though recovery looks promising, it will take longer than she originally anticipated.

Angie has been accepted and enrolled into the NOAA Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP), which allows for NWSEO members to donate their own accrued annual leave hours to others in need. If you are interested in donating leave for Angie, you may complete a 630A form here. Please make sure the form is signed by you, and Angie Margrave is named as the recipient when you submit it to your ASA.

What is the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program?

VLTP allows federal employees to donate annual leave to other federal employees who are experiencing a medical emergency and have exhausted their available paid leave. There is no limit on the amount of donated annual leave a leave recipient may receive from leave donor(s). However, any unused donated leave must be returned to the leave donor(s) when the medical emergency ends.

A person does not have to wait until their leave is exhausted before applying to be a recipient of VLTP. To become accepted, applicants must present medical documentation showing they anticipate that they will be on unpaid status for at least 24 hours, then complete the required paperwork, have it processed, and receive notification that they are accepted as a VLTP recipient.

If you know of a NWSEO member in need of a medical leave donation and would like us to inform members, please have them contact NWSEO.

Thank you for your generosity and care!


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