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NWSEO Files Grievance Over Temporary Promotions

Updated: Mar 28

(March 27, 2024) On March 25, 2024, NWSEO filed a grievance over the failure of management to timely make a temporary promotion when a vacancy arose at a Central Region WFO. The grievance alleges a continuing violation of Article 16, Section 2, which states in relevant part, “a temporary promotion will be made as soon as practicable, but no later than four (4) pay periods after the BU vacancy begins.” 

In January 2024 a Lead Forecaster at a Central Region WFO received a final job offer for a non-bargaining unit position in another office with an effective start date at the end of March.  The local steward notified the Meteorologist-In-Charge (MIC) of the need for a temporary promotion as soon as the position becomes vacant. Despite the contract’s clear direction that “a temporary promotion will be made as soon as practicable,” the MIC responded that management would not consider temporary promotions immediately upon the position becoming vacant, citing concerns about the NWS budget and because he wants to be fiscally prudent. 


However, the MIC assigned a qualified General Forecaster to temporarily fulfill the higher-graded duties of the Lead Forecaster position without compensation on some of the vacant shifts. 

To remedy this violation, the grievance demands that a temporary promotion be made retroactively to the date the position became vacant and that the General Forecaster who has been filling in be granted retroactive pay at the higher grade. 


NWSEO is working to protect the rights of all NOAA bargaining unit employees in five bargaining units.  Your membership support is greatly appreciated!



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