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NWS GS5-12 Vacancy Announcement Clarification

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

(November 2, 2022) — There has been some recent confusion regarding a recent job announcement for GS-1340 Meteorologists grades 5 through 9, USAjobs Announcement number: NWS-23-11699756-DE, with promotion potential to a GS-12.

With the implementation of the Mobility MOU, NWSEO agreed to post an out-of-cycle GS-1340-5/7/9 DE-only announcement before the next series of GS-1340-5/12 announcements to support the pace of hiring. The hope was for the out-of-cycle job posting to occur in late August. That was not the case, however, due to delays caused by the transition from jobs being posted on to USA Staffing.

As a result, the out-of-cycle job ad was posted on October 31. With this out-of-cycle job ad posted, the next priorities will be GS-1340-13 Lead Meteorologist positions, expected to be posted by the end of this week, and GS-1340-11/12 MAP w/PCS positions.

Now that the out-of-cycle job ad has posted, the next full round of GS-1340-5/12 announcements, as outlined in the MOU, are:

  • Around Nov 15 or so, post GS-1340-11/12 MAP w/PCS

  • Around Dec 5, post a round of GS-1340-11/12 RON announcements

  • Around Jan 2, post the next GS-1340-5/7/9 DE-only announcement

Read the full Mobility MOU here.


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