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New Regional Chairs


(December 05, 2023) During the 2023 NWSEO National Convention, Brandon Dunstan, Eastern Region Chair, was elected NWSEO Executive Vice President and Former Eastern Region Vice Chair, Alicia Miller moved up to Eastern Region Chair.   Chris Jacobson, Southern Region Chair, stepped down from this position and Rob Niemeyer became the new Southern Region Chair.  In addition to the new officers in the Eastern and Southern Regional Chair positions, there were changes among a few Regional Vice Chairs; Stephanie Sullivan as Western Region Vice Chair, Aaron Stevens as Southern Region Vice Chair, and Zach Sefcovic as Eastern Region Vice Chair.  

Congratulations to them all!

Alicia Miller has been a member of NWSEO for 10 years with 9 years as steward of the Pittsburgh, PA office. She is originally from upstate NY, where she grew up fascinated with winter storms (’93 Snowstorm) and lake effect, but she has come to enjoy the water side of the career as Senior Service Hydrologist in the ‘City of Bridges’. She has a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science from the University at Albany and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Ithaca College.  In addition to her love for weather, she enjoys traveling, music, are and all things Disney, where she travels regularly with her family. 

Rob Niemeyer has been a member of NWSEO for 8 years.  He has served as steward in the WFO Jacksonville, FL starting in 2016 and Southern Region Vice Chair in 2017. Rob was born and raised in Florida. His passion for public service began at an early age. In 1983, Rob enlisted in the United States Navy and retired 21 years later as Chief Petty Officer.  Throughout his naval career, Rob accumulated over 12 years of operational sea time, providing meteorological support and forecasts to naval operations worldwide.  Following his retirement from the Navy, Rob joined the National Weather Service (NWS) in 2008.  After 35 combined years of working within the maritime community,  he decided to transition into the position as WFO Jacksonville's Observations Program Leader (OPL) earlier this year. When not working, Rob spends most of his time on the water fishing, or pleasure boating with his family.

Aaron Stevens has been A NWSEO member for over 23 years.   Aaron has served as Steward and Vice Steward and has been active in the Finance Committee and more recently, the Credentials & Elections Committee.  He has been a champion in recruitment working with the NWSEO Recruitment team and providing great support to the Membership Director as the top recruiter in the nation.  Due to Aaron’s dedication he was the recipient of the 2021 Kip Robinson Award.  Aaron enlisted in the US Air Force in 1991 and is a Desert Storm Veteran.  He started at WFO Pendleton in 1998 as an HMT and was at  WFO Northern Indiana from 2000 through 2007 and from there was hired as an OPL at WFO Shreveport.  

Stefanie Sullivan has been a member of NWSEO for 14 years and is currently working as Lead Meteorologist at WFO San Diego, CA.  Stefanie began her career as  a SCEP at Los Angeles/Oxnard in 2006 while attending graduate school at UCLA. Upon completing her Master's Degree, she accepted a position as an entry level Meteorologist at WFO San Diego and has been there since. Stefanie has been an active member of NWSEO since 2009, serving several years as Vice Steward before eventually taking over as Steward in 2021.  She looks forward to working with each and every one of you and helping the Western Region move forward!

Zach Sefcovic has been a NWSEO member for 7 years and is a Lead Forecaster at WFO Cleveland, OH.  He started at WFO Cleveland in 2015 as a Meteorologist Intern and worked his way up to Lead Forecaster. Prior to starting his full time career in the NWS, Zach was a Hollings Scholar Intern and Student Volunteer at WFO Newport/Morehead City, NC in 2013 and 2014. Zach was born and raised in Cleveland, OH.  He participates  in several NWS programs at WFO Cleveland and has a leadership role in program areas including Winter Weather, Climate Services and Pathfinder (transportation DSS/messaging).  In his spare time he enjoys going to baseball games along with many other sports.  Zach is working on a goal of seeing a game at all of the MLB Ballparks, with only 8 to go.  He also enjoys board games and teaching family and friends how to play them.


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