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New NWSEO Website Launched

(March 17, 2023) After nearly a year of research and planning, NWSEO is excited to launch our completely redesigned website this week! The newly formatted site is designed to not only provide pertinent administrative information, such as documents and directories, but to truly illustrate the benefits of NWSEO membership.

While there are many new features to explore, we want to highlight a few notable changes to the website’s navigation and design:

More Focus on Membership

NWSEO members are the backbone of our union, and the new website is designed to feature photos, testimonials, and stories as much as possible! Moving forward, look for more messaging that illustrates the wonderfully diverse membership that makes us NWSEO Strong.

Mobile Optimization

With members using mobile devices more than ever, optimization for phones and tablets was a key component of the redesign.

Better Social Media Sharing

The previous website did not allow for sharing individual Four Winds articles; now, users can easily share individual NWSEO news stories, and all page links are optimized for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Intuitive Four Winds Navigation

In addition to individual link sharing, the Four Winds is now laid out in a blog format that allows users to easily navigate through articles. A new tag system has also been implemented as a way to find articles related to specific topics such as the National Convention, elections, MOUs, and more.

Have Feedback?

If you notice any bugs that require immediate attention or adversely affect website functionality, please email with a detailed explanation and we will do our best to resolve it as soon as possible.

For broad-scope feedback, or if you have ideas on what would improve the website, please click here to fill out our feedback form.


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