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CY2022 NWS Health & Wellness Service Fees Reimbursement and Open Enrollment for CY2023

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

(February 6, 2023) As a result of the hard work and determination demonstrated by NWSEO, the Health and Wellness Services Fees Reimbursement Program is available to all National Weather Service (NWS) employees. This program aims to assist and encourage employees to achieve and maintain physical fitness through the use of health club and wellness services, such as physical fitness maintenance and improvement, weight loss, or smoking cessation programs.

As a result of NWSEO efforts, effective 2023, employees enrolled in the program may request reimbursement up to $308.10 per calendar year, for the expense of health club and/or wellness services. This amount, up $8.10 from last year, reflects an annual cost of living increase of 2.7% for 2022.

Eligible employees may receive reimbursement after submitting two forms:

  • Form A, the Open Enrollment Form for calendar year 2023, shows intent to participate in this program for CY2023. It includes a release and hold harmless agreement releasingNWS, NOAA, and the Department of Commerce from any liability associated with utilizing the Health and Wellness Services Fees Reimbursement Program. To be reimbursed in 2024 for fees, this form must be completed.

  • Form B, the Reimbursement for CY2022 Expenses, which self-certifies that the employee has engaged in fitness activities or wellness services in which they are seeking reimbursement fees.

In order to receive reimbursement for CY2022 expenses, and sign up for reimbursement for CY2023, employees must complete and submit both Form A and B, as well as provide proof of payment for their membership/services to their supervisors, no later than March 31, 2023. New NWS employees or existing employees unable to apply before this deadline due to prolonged absences may apply within 14 days of returning to or entering service.

If you have any questions, please contact NWS Management and Organization Division, at or 301-427-6939.


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