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Bill Cunningham joins NWSEO Team as Communications Director

(June 14, 2023) The National Weather Service Employees Organization (NWSEO) is pleased

to welcome Bill Cunningham as the organization’s new Communication Director. A seasoned web designer, graphic designer, and marketing specialist, Bill comes to NWSEO with extensive experience in brand development, customer relationship management (CRM) optimization, and content strategy.

Prior to joining the NWSEO team, Bill handled multiple clients as owner of Bill Cunningham Design, providing multi-channel support for businesses ranging from startups to established institutions with $3.4 billion in operating costs. He has also created communications and marketing assets for higher education and nonprofit organizations, including Bay Path University, American International College, and the American Lung Association.

“Union solidarity ensures workers rights and provides vital support,” Bill says. “We wouldn't have crucial historical victories for working people without unions like NWSEO, and I’m proud to serve our members. I aim for transparency in my work so every member of the organization knows what we do and why we do it.”

Bill lives in Springfield, Massachusetts with his wife, Crystal and their three-year-old daughter, Maya. Outside of work, he enjoys painting, going to the beach with his family, and building Lego.

Learn more about Bill and explore his portfolio here.


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