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2023 NWSEO National Convention Workshops Revealed

Hello, members!

The 2023 NWSEO Convention is just a few short months away and as we get closer to the date, we'll be sending you additional information including workshop registrations, guest speakers, and special events. The following workshops will be available for registration at the beginning of October.

Steward Leadership Training

This workshop is designed for all stewards. Get a thorough overview of the responsibilities of stewardship within NWSEO as well as the operational responsibilities of local, regional, and national roles. Learn how your role as steward can be leveraged as management experience and how we can become a stronger organization with your help.

NWS Grievances & Arbitrations Explained

This workshop is designed for all stewards. An overview of the Grievance and Arbitration process in NWS. This is an opportunity to provide attendees with a better understanding of the grievance process such as

  • How does an employee file a grievance?

  • What are the differences between an employee grievance and a union grievance?

  • How do I determine a grievance’s validity?

  • What is NWSEO’s role in the grievance process?

  • How do I maintain a safe work environment during the process?

Leading an Effective NWS Local Office Team

This workshop is designed for all NWS stewards. This deep dive look into Local Office Teams (LOT) will help attendees learn techniques for holding effective LOT meetings and the negotiation process at the local level. Additionally, this workshop will provide an overview of substantively negotiable issues vs. permissive areas and negotiations over appropriate arrangements (I&I). We will cover what tactical empathy means and how it can power your negotiations.

NEW for 2023: Implementing NWS Shift Flexibility

This workshop is designed for NWS stewards who are interested in learning more about the NWS Operational Model Team Initial Win #5 which has been approved by the NWS for implementation with these key goals:

  • Maximizing Impact-Based Decision Support Services (IDSS) capabilities

  • Codifying 6 shifts as a minimum baseline standard with more as needed

  • Allowing offices to determine how best to schedule shifts at Weather Forecast Offices

  • Providing additional schedule flexibility that accounts for seasonal and/or weekly/daily requirements

  • Maintaining our focus on life-saving activities

  • Increasing office capacity to respond to significant events and seasonal variability

  • Maintaining work/life balance and schedule predictability to the extent possible

Don't forget to reserve your room using this link and send your confirmation to

We hope to see you in Colorado!


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