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Mike Dion
Headquarters Region Chair

  • Bachelor of Science in Meteorology - Lyndon State College

Mike is a meteorologist in the Analyze, Forecast and Support Office, Digital and Graphical Information Support Branch, of NWS Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.  He began his NWS career with WFO Boston/Taunton, MA as a Meteorologist Intern in 1993, and moved on to a journeyman forecaster position at WFO Raleigh, NC in 1998. In 1999, he was hired by the Science and Training Core in the Office of Meteorology at NWS Headquarters. 

Mike has served in a variety of roles within NWS Headquarters, including working in Training, Fire and Public Weather Services, Observations, and as the NWS national tropical program leader.  A NWSEO member since 1995, Mike has served as a Branch Steward within Headquarters for several years, and also served as the HQ Vice-Regional Chair.

Mike and his wife Loretta, have two autistic teenage sons.  He enjoys golfing, helping with his local Little League, and following Boston sports.

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