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JoAnn Becker

JoAnn Becker
  • Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Sciences – University of California, Davis

  • Master of Business Administration – Baker College

Prior to becoming NWSEO Excecutive Vice President, JoAnn Becker was the first official Regional Chairperson for the new the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Region, created in 2012. She is a Senior Aviation Meteorologist at the NCEP Aviation Weather Center in Kansas City, Missouri. JoAnn began her career at the National Weather Service in 1995 in the Weather Forecast Office in Guam where she became a Lead Forecaster in 1998.

While at the NWS Guam Forecast Office, JoAnn served as local union steward. In late nineties, Ms. Becker was the Pacific Region NWSEO Chairperson until her transfer to the Aviation Weather Center in 2001. JoAnn also served as branch steward and vice steward at the Aviation Weather Center.

JoAnn has been a member of NWSEO for many years. She has chaired both the Credentials and Constitution Committees. She has served as NWSEO representative on various teams. JoAnn has also received local and regional Cline Awards in addition to Special Act Awards. In 2016, she received the NWSEO Kip Robinson Award.

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